Money Saving Tips For That Honeymoon

At the mall, you picked up cash at the ATM and you a number of bargains at a small number of of sales. There is any excuses for this service for a variety of reasons. They look at in overall credit history.
You had a great weekend. You and your best friend went shopping the mall. At the mall, you picked up some cash at the ATM and you some great bargains at a couple of sales. Afterward, you went out for dinner and drinks to discuss the week’s events and gossip about the rest of the crowd. After dinner, you gave your credit card to the waitress, signed the bill, and went home for a good night’s sleep.

How could this have happened? Was there someone standing behind you at the ATM, observing you enter your PIN for cash? Or did the waitress leave your card unattended out on a counter at the restaurant? Did you forget your card at the restaurant? Better check your wallet to be sure. You feel violated, as if someone had broken into your home. And this criminal doesn’t have a face or a name. You have no idea who or where the identity theft is. And you don’t have a clue about what to do about it.

It does not make a difference what your profession is or your family background; you CAN improve your performance. Nobody is perfect and the door for improvement is wide open for us all. Hopefully this article will inspire you to increase your performance level while stimulating your intellectual capital.

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Another reason it’s hard to prevent identity theft on your credit cards is that no one knows about it until the monthly billing statement goes out. As mentioned before, only the most diligent credit card holders catch these abuses quickly when they review their statements. Some people assume the credit card company’s records are accurate. They may even assume they made the purchase when, in fact, it was an identity thief. Normally, identity thieves who prey upon credit cards make as many purchases as they can in the days immediately following the theft. They can quickly reach your credit limit and often exceed it. You find out about it when your purchases are refused by the company or when the debt collector calls.

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But the focus has to be on the giving side, while remaining grateful for anything that comes via the receiving side. Whenever I remember to do that, I find that my own good and the highest good of all are perfectly congruent.

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